DiscGolf is a sport that can be practiced at all ages, both as a professional sport and as a fun outdoor activity for family or friends.

Oxelösund's DiscGolfPark can be found at Ramdalens Idrottsplats(Sports stadium), there are 12 holes with different lengths and degrees of difficulty. On this page you can get more information about the holes.

The sport has the same basis as golf or mini golf, where the player must move forward and past various obstacles. In this case trees or bushes, while adapting to the wind and the disc used. What you throw is reminiscent of a frisbee but is named disc. It holds different qualities depending on whether you are throwing long or short, for example. You start throwing at the beginning of the course and the goal is to get the disc down in the metal hook at the end of the course. Read more about the sport here.

If you do not have your own discs, you can loan them at Medley Ramdalen Sportcenter close by. It costs SEK 20 and you leave your ID as a deposit. No need to book in advance but there is a limited number of discs for loan. Visit Medley Ramdalen Sportcenters website for opening hours.

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