Contest! Cover picture for Smakprov från Oxelösund 2020


Your picture have the chance to be on the cover of Oxelösunds tourism material 2020!

Oxelösunds tourism material ”Smakprov från Oxelösund” have been very appreciated and been around for a couple of years. It contains information about what to see, do and eat in our beautiful town. It usually comes out in time for the summer season and therefor have focus on summer activities, to give both tourists and locals inspiration on what to do here. The cover picture we are looking for should have a summer feeling to it, making you think of vacation, joy, positivity, love to Oxelösund and to each other. The picture should be taken in Oxelösund. And we would love to see people in it, since it is you as a local and tourist that makes this place what it is.

All pictures will be at display at Koordinaten as an exhibition, as well as on our social media channels. You will be able to vote for your favourite! The exhibition and the voting will be open during October, and the winner will be announced on social media. Everyone can vote! Both locals and visitors. The winning picture will receive a secret price from Oxelösund municipality. No economic compensation or reward will be payed out to the winner or other contestants.


  • Take a picture that captures what Oxelösund represents to you. Think positivity, joy, love and summer.
  • Send us your picture before the 30th of September
  • Picture in color
  • No filter needed
  • If there are people in the picture, remember there must be a consent. That is because the winning picture will be at display in a lot of ways. We need a written consent. You can get a form in Swedish to fill out. (You can get it at Koordinaten)
  • Standing format
  • The picture has to be taken in Oxelösund
  • Good picture quality. Either with a good camera, or if you have a new phone with a good camera in it. If you have a camera, we would like you to choose the file format RAR, it makes it easier for us if we decide to use it.
  • Send your contribution to You can also leave your picture at the information desk at Koordinaten. But if we are going to use it for print we need to have it sent to use digitally. Together with the picture we want the photographers name, where the picture is taken, phone number or email address where we can contact you. We also need a consent form filled out, signed by the person/persons showing in the picture. If it is a child under 18 years a parent or caretaker must sign it.


Note! Oxelösund municipality have the right to choose another cover picture if the contributions in the contest do not fulfil the quality requirements needed. Oxelösunds municipality do not have to use the winning picture. If a picture is offensive or in some way goes against Oxelösunds values it will not be displayed at the exhibition or in the contest in any way.


Contact information

Evenemang i Oxelösund
Höjdgatan 26
613 81 Oxelösund
Phone: +46-15538175